I was small.

Published August 6, 2013 by calvin5811


At just 4 years old, my aunt nearly let me drown in a pool roughly the size of the Sahara desert.  I was surrounded by nothingness, no one, explosions, heat, and quicksand that took the unwieldy riveting shape of chlorined water.  I was sucked straight to the center of the earth and pulled out with only seconds to spare.

Years later, my aunt would defend herself– explaining that I was in a hot tub when my arm floaties popped from the heat, and that I barely went under for a moment.

It’s possible.

I tend to remember things from the perspective of the moment, though the clarity lessens as my memories age.

Still, filters and wrinkles aside, I can recount to you every little step of my life.

I learned how unusual my memory was only a few days after turning 17 years old.  I was cross-legged on the floor…

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