At Lunch

Published January 10, 2014 by calvin5811

Everyday,i sit in a room by a window and eat my lunch with a group of my colleagues.It is a huge window and i always prefer sitting by the side.Not because i see an amazing landscape or feel a gentle breeze flowing through,but instead i watch a group of construction workers and poor laborers work there in the scorching heat,while sit here comfortably eating my lunch.

Among the group,I particularly noticed this family of three,a mother,father and a small boy.


well,its not exactly a astounding observation,you might say,but here’s the thing the mother doesn’t have the power of speech,all she can do is mumble out some sounds and do some hand actions to make her family understand what she wants to convey.

Then the small boy,he is simply the cutest little thing in the world.He is a bright,enthusiastic,cheerful young lad.When you watch him trying to help his mother or father in their construction work your heart simply melts.Not only does he help his parents but literally everyone around in his possible without creating a sound.He watches and learns things happening around him.

But i wonder,if this kid will ever go to a school and get education that he deserves.At this age he is helping his parents but what if this becomes his future,being a meager laborer? I hope not.


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